Paragon Software Top Fundraiser for Free Wheelchair Mission’s ‘Run For Mobility’

Paragon Software Group Gives Back, Stands Out as Top Fundraiser for Free Wheelchair Mission’s ‘Run For Mobility’ at the Surf City Marathon Two Years in a Row

Irvine Software Development Firm’s Passion to Help Others Fuels Substantial Wheelchair Donation in Support of Local Charity

Super Bowl Sunday wasn’t all about football, especially not for Paragon
Software Group. The Irvine-based company’s president Tom Fedro, joined by several colleagues, took to the streets in Huntington Beach on Feb. 2 to once again emerge as the top team fundraiser at Free Wheelchair Mission’s (FWM) annual Run for Mobility event at the Surf City Marathon. Paragon, a backup and disaster recovery software developer, also earned added recognition, with Fedro finishing the race as the top individual fundraiser.

This is the second year in a row that both Fedro and Paragon were named as top individual and team fundraisers, respectively. The Run for Mobility fundraising event is presented in partnership with the Surf City Marathon, and since it began, athletes have raised $1.8 million for the charity and sent over 35,000 wheelchairs to recipients around the globe.

“We got involved with FWM because it’s a great locally-based charity here in Irvine that does tremendous outreach worldwide to provide mobility to folks who are literally crawling on the ground,” says Fedro, who, with Paragon, has been actively involved with FWM for four years. “On behalf of the Paragon team, we’re extremely proud to play a role in making a difference in our community and for helping to improve the lives of those in need around the world.”

FWM is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides wheelchairs for free to people with disabilities living in developing countries around the world. The inspiration for FWM came about when Dr. Don Schoendorfer (FWM president and founder) was on vacation with his wife in Morocco and witnessed an elderly woman crawling on her hands and knees laboring to cross the street. As a biomedical engineer, Dr. Schoendorfer had a vision to help, and he built a prototype wheelchair with common materials that could be manufactured and delivered cost effectively. His efforts have now changed the lives of millions of people as FWM has extended its reach worldwide. Since incorporating in 2001, FWM has provided over 734,000 wheelchairs in 91 countries around the world.

“Through all the proceeds from the Run for Mobility event so far, we could line up wheelchairs wheel-to-wheel along the entire 26.2 mile beachfront course of the marathon,” says Reed Hartley, Executive Director for Free Wheelchair Mission. “We’re extremely grateful for Tom’s continued passion and dedication to FWM through his and the Paragon Software Group’s involvement over the years. Over the past four years, the Paragon team has personally provided wheelchairs to more 450 people. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Tom and his team for their wonderful work supporting our mission. We look forward to working with them in the years to come!”

For more information on Paragon Software Group, visit or Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information about Free Wheelchair Mission, please visit


Paragon Celebrates 15 Years of Flexible Licensing for Field Techs

“I searched for nine months for software that enabled me to migrate my customers’ servers to new drives or all new hardware without hassle and without any risk of data loss. I narrowed it down to two products: one, at nearly $1,000 per server, was pretty much cost-prohibitive; the second, Paragon Hard Disk Manager fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it offer twice the features at half the cost as the other option, but it also comes as a Technician License, which brings the per-server cost down even more. On a server restore or migration, no other software comes close in restore time, reliability and ease-of-use. I recommend HDM TL for any company with field technical support.”

David Ward, president of Guardian I.T. Services, is one of many VARs and company-wide field technicians who have benefited for the last 15 years from Paragon’s feature-rich backup and disk management software, personal technical service, and highly-competitive licensing options.

Disk maintenance field tech licenseHard Disk Manager Technician License (TL) is the perfect software for companies with support teams that are maintaining a large number of systems in the field, such as medical or other high-tech equipment manufacturers, or large organizations with a highly distributed environment, e.g. financial institutions or large restaurant chains. Many customers combine Tech Licenses with per-seat and volume licenses for maximum license coverage and flexibility.

For IT organizations and help desk operations, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the “must have” solution for servers and workstations. It is a comprehensive all-in-one disk management utility, allowing IT administrators to efficiently maintain physical and virtual Windows systems throughout their life cycle with minimal effort. The software package includes: Backup & Disaster Recovery, Imaging, Migration, Virtualization, Partitioning, and Disk Wiping, as well as a variety of other useful system utilities.

Other Customer Testimonials:

“Paragon was the only backup and disaster recovery software vendor offering the most comprehensive software solution and knowledgeable staff. Hard Disk Manager did everything I needed it to do, providing the best value,” said Ben Spain, IT manager for Industrial Molds.

“We needed to decrease the amount of time we were spending on reimaging machines. One of the features I looked for in a solution was the ability to process multiple restores on the network — Paragon was the only vendor offering the features I needed as well as disk partition and other disk management tools. HDM is a time saver that comes with useful tools for added flexibility. It also gives me the ability to back up a hard drive before reimaging, providing peace of mind that if it fails I can restore the drive to its original state,” Corey Simpson, IT coordinator for Boise State University.

Hard Disk Manager Top Five Features

  1. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Incremental and differential backups; seamless restore to dissimilar hardware (HIR); customizable recovery media
  2. Migration: Migrate systems to SSDs and AFDs
  3. Virtualization: Instant disaster recovery through virtualization; Connect to virtual disks as if they were physical; Convert P2V or V2V between different hypervisors
  4. Partitioning: Advanced disk partitioning and partition alignment
  5. Disk Wiping: US DoD-level wipe algorithm plus nine others, along with options to create custom wipe algorithms

Insight Investments Maximizes Image Deployment with Deployment Manager

Mass Image Deployment with Paragon Deployment ManagerSystem integrators, Insight Investments, selected Paragon’s Deployment Manager as a reliable and scalable software to simplify the imaging process of tens of thousands of laptops for use in educational institutions across the country.

“About 70 percent of our business is with K-12 school districts as well as universities,” said Jay Johnson, vice president of operations at Insight Investments. “Each district has 10 to 45 schools. They come to us to purchase refurbished laptops in bulk. The schools send us a copy of the image they want duplicated onto their machines; a typical image includes the operating system, applications and 50 to 60 gigabytes of data. Before implementing Paragon’s Deployment Manager, the process was tedious requiring the removal of each laptop’s hard drive for imaging; now we can reimage the machines without disassembling them and connecting the hard drive to a duplicator.”

Paragon Software’s Deployment Manager is a powerful deployment solution for servers, workstations, laptops, and tablets, enabling the deployment of a master image to thousands of systems simultaneously, multicast, or manually to individual machines, unicast. One key feature of the software is its ability to deploy the same image to machines with completely different hardware, which significantly simplifies the deployment project. Furthermore, it offers pre- and post-deploy configuration options, a scripting engine for automated and remote operation, and customizable Linux and WinPE-based boot media.

“Needing to simplify our laptop deployment process, we looked at all leading deployment solutions and decided to go with Paragon’s Deployment Manager,” said project manager Calvin Yeung. “Having worked with Paragon Software in the past, I knew they would be a great partner for our project. Their technology has been proven to meet the most demanding requirements. Their technical support team always follows through and is very responsive.”

“We are excited to welcome Insight Investments to the Paragon family,” said Tom Fedro. “Deployment Manager is the perfect solution for any system integrator or IT department that needs to deploy images quickly, efficiently and in mass.”

To request an evaluation copy or schedule a demo, call Paragon at (888) 347-5462 or visit

Nasdaq Trading Down to Failed Processor??

CNBC Reports Nasdaq Halts Trading Due to Processor Failure

CNBC Reports Nasdaq Halts Trading Due to Processor Failure

A recent story by CNBC informed readers that the trading exchange, Nasdaq, went down for a couple of hours: “All Nasdaq markets halting trading due to processor issue“. What if your business systems failed? How fast could you be back online?

According to the Small Business Administration, 1 out of every 5 businesses never recover from a disaster. Whether you are the IT engineer for a non-profit or a for-profit, there is a solution out there for every budget. To help sell backup and recovery to business executives, gathering statistics will help when presenting the argument for a backup solution.

For example, Paragon partnered with StarWind to sell high-availability backup and restore at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. Through a software-defined storage (SDS) environment based on off-the-shelf hardware, an IT shop can quickly recover from any system failure.

Paragon is constantly holding free demos on a variety of cost-effective backup and disaster recovery software solutions, no matter the size of the organization. And, the plus with working with Paragon? Class A customer service.

To sign up for a Webinar/demo, visit:

Paragon Software Employees Volunteer Time and Labor to OC-Based Charities throughout the Year

Support Needed for Orange County Foodbank, Miracles for Kids, Free Wheelchair Mission, and Family Assistance Ministries

Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data storage, backup and recovery, may not have a charity of their own, but the company’s employees are very active in supporting charities within Orange County serving those in need both domestically and abroad. Every quarter, employees pool together their time and energy to help others.

“We are so fortunate to live and work in Orange County and to be in an industry that keeps growing exponentially over time,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “Giving back to the community is an important part of our culture; we are very happy to participate in a variety of worthy causes that provide a positive impact locally and around world.”

Paragon Software at OC Food Bank

Orange County Charities Supported by Paragon

Family Assistance Ministries provides food, shelter, and client-aid to thousands of people in South Orange County. The charity provides help with shelter, utilities, transportation, medical, dental, prescriptions, financial counseling, and courses. The charity also collaborates with other social services organizations to provide referrals and medical screenings, immunizations, eye glasses, and more.

Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based, non-profit organization that distributes free wheelchairs to the disabled poor in developing countries. To date, they have provided over 682,000 wheelchairs in 87 countries. There is an estimated 100 million people who cannot walk due to the effects of war and landmines, untreated birth defects and injuries, polio, and malaria. Many literally drag themselves across the ground or rely on loved ones to carry them to meet their most basic needs. Providing the gift of mobility gives them independence to go outside, attend school, and become employed. Each February, the Paragon Software Group running team  participates in a ½ marathon to help raise funds. In 2013, runners raised over $100,000 — providing over 1,300 people with a new wheelchairs!

Miracles for Kids’ mission is to improve the lives of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The organization has different programs to carry out their mission including grants for patients and their families, Fund-a-Family, Basket of Miracles and funding for research programs.

The Orange County Food Bank distributes nearly 20 million pounds of food annually and provides food and personal-care items to more than 400 other helping organizations including churches, shelters, and senior centers. At the food bank’s warehouse, volunteers receive and package 26,000 boxes of food each month, which its clients can pick up at 50 sites across the county.

For more information on Paragon Software’s outreach programs, or to suggest another worthy cause please contact

Paragon Kicks Off Disaster Recovery Awareness Month

In an effort to help bring awareness of the importance of backing up business data in the event of a disaster, Paragon is offering free disaster recovery assessments, and guides for proactive planning during the month of July.

With the 2013 hurricane season expecting to be very active, it is important to help bring awareness around the fact that so many businesses are not prepared. June 1st marked the first day of hurricane season; Tropical Storm Andrea, the first storm of the season, developed four days after the official launch of the season.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects a very active hurricane season for 2013. Throughout the month of July, businesses can sign up for a one-hour disaster recovery assessment and download free disaster recovery planning guides and samples.

According to the Small Business Administration, a quarter of businesses never reopen after a disaster.

Paragon’s free disaster recovery planning materials include

  • One-hour Disaster Recovery Assessment Call
  • The Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Guide
  • Sample Disaster Recovery Plan

“Paragon is in the information management business and delivering key data backup and recovery technologies has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “We are partnering with the Business Recovery Group Consulting team to move beyond just the technologies involved in a successful business continuity program by promoting free guides, sample plans and a one-hour assessment to help companies be proactive in preparing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan before a disaster strikes.”

During the year, any number of natural occurrences can have an effect on a business: hurricanes, massive thunderstorms, fires, tornados, heat waves, earthquakes, blizzards, ice storms, and floods. “Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that even after a perceived danger timeframe has passed, a late-season storm can hit,” warns Paragon DR planning consultant Collier Johnson. “In addition, a disaster recovery plan is also needed to recover quickly from site outages, where your office building is not accessible for your employees due to a local disaster, or an isolated incident, for example water damage, structural issues with the building, local power outage, or a local fire.”

To download the free disaster recovery planning materials and/or register for a free one-hour disaster recovery and business continuity assessment visit on Paragon Software Group’s Free Product Trial Downloads Web site.

Paragon offers a suite of backup and disaster recovery products for businesses of all sizes. Visit for free trial downloads of Paragon’s software solutions.

Paragon’s NTFS/HFS+ Drivers Selected by Belkin for Routers and Future Devices

Belkin is licensing Paragon’s Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology for use on the Belkin’s product lines beginning with their next generation of routers.

Commenting on the deal, Mike Chen, senior director of product management at Belkin said:

“Belkin is focused on delivering leading-edge solutions to the consumer market. Paragon UFSD technology enables OS-independence, so everyone can use Belkin networking products to store and access their data from any device, be it an Android smartphone, Windows PC, Macbook, iPad, Linux notebook, Chromebook and more, with the very highest performance, file system integrity, and data protection. Paragon’s world class OEM software engineers and support team will continue to aid Belkin’s leading position in the consumer networking space.”

OEMs like Belkin embed our exFAT/NTFS/HFS+ driver technology into their network appliances and smart devices to ensure seamless connectivity regardless of the operating systems these devices are running.

“We are excited to partner with Belkin to enable their customers to use any of their smart devices to access their stored multimedia content connected to these next generation routers,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “As home and work connectivity becomes more and more ubiquitous, user expectations for seamless access to their data anytime anywhere grows as well — which is why this partnership and Paragon’s commitment to data accessibility, regardless of platform, is so important.”

Paragon’s cross-platform file access technology enables smart TVs and monitors, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, multimedia players, routers, NAS and other hardware to communicate with storage media formatted to any file system regardless of their processor or OS. As a result, consumers can stream multimedia content to network and entertainment devices or external storage for later playback on any of their devices.