Software Giveaway: HFS for Windows – 50,000 License Giveaway

HFS for Windows, the only software that lets you read Apple iPods, Macs and iPad data from a Windows PC. It is a well known fact that Windows cannot read from and write to HFS+ partitions. This limits the ability to exchange or share files between Windows and Mac OS X file systems. Occasionally, users will rely on the services of FAT partitions which can be read and written to by both Windows and Mac OS X. FAT partitions have disadvantages and limitations as well for example you can’t store/create files greater than 4GB in size. Moreover, what if your data is already stored on a Mac-formatted partition and you want to migrate them to a Windows-formatted drive (NTFS) to preserve the integrity of the data?

HFS for Windows Giveaway

If you have an iPod you may probably know that it contains all your music inside some sly hidden folders. When you attach your iPod (excluding Touch models) to the system it can be seen as a simple Removable Flash Drive. Have you ever wanted to move the music off of the iPod and onto another computer? Not an easy task…until now.

Paragon Software is giving away 50,000 licenses of this product.

Yes, that is alot of licenses but we don’t think anyone should be without an application that can make Apple products readable on a PC. So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE copy of HFS for Windows and tell all of your friends to get one too.

Features Benefits
Read Access: Gives Windows users ability to read and write data from Mac OS X.
Easy to Install: Intuitive and efficient, the driver is easily installed through a user-friendly wizard.
High Performance:
Transfer files at a rate similar to native HFS file-system performance.
No Limitation: There is no limitation to maximum file/partition size (but must be within Windows and HFS+ limitations.

UPDATE: There were a few comments about how you get your license key. I have outlined how the license key is sent.

1. Download the software first, then just install the software and during the installation the software will ask for the serial number, the user must press the “get free serial” button, you will be forwarded to, where you fill in the short web-registration form.

If browser window doesn’t open automatically, press the “copy to clipboard” button and then paste the copied url to the browser.

2. Please, note that if the registration page for some reasons is not available (it means that there are too many visitors) try again in a few minutes..   or, if you filled the form and didn’t receive any emails from us (check your spam folder).

Be sure to check the box to receive special offers from Paragon. Then you will get an email of these offers before they go online. Make sure you don’t miss out on special offers from Paragon!


27 responses to “Software Giveaway: HFS for Windows – 50,000 License Giveaway

  1. Downloaded it. Now how do I get the license?

  2. Cool! Thanks again, Paragon!

  3. thans to send me the license !

  4. Hello.
    I’m stupid but I do not understand how to get the license ?

  5. Downloaded 64-bit version

  6. do i get the sn via the email when installing? how to you get my email?


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  8. Super ! Thank-you

  9. OK!Ii well try it!

  10. Thank you for this offer ! Now, I am to look at Paragon software NTFS for Mac.

  11. Very nice initiative, too bad it’s not the Mac version that’s given away (to write & read on a NTFS partition from Mac OS X)… That would be awesome!

  12. Dr. Troy W. Godsey

    License, Please.

  13. Cedric MARTIN

    I did the download, but how to I get the license considering that I did not imput my email adress at any time?


  14. Thank U

  15. Downloaded

    Great !

  16. I use the tool to read NTFS partition from OSX. It’s great

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  18. Hi. I could try it with an installation of XP.
    Can you send me the license? Thanks

  19. Downloaded

    Thank U

  20. Where to get the license…..

  21. Hi. I could try it with an installation of Windows 7.
    Can you send me the license? Thanks

  22. please send me a license

  23. Massimo Galuppi


    Thank U

  24. Can i have the license code?Thanks

  25. I have updated the post with an explanation of how you get your license.

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