Simplify Deployments without Taxing Resources with Image-based “Set It and Forget It” Backup Software

Offering low tax rates and readily accessible air transportation, universities, shopping and entertainment the City of Mt. Juliet, TN, boasts a business- and family-friendly environment. However, when it comes time to refresh employees systems every four years, the task of uploading the operating system and applications for each machine can become daunting. With only two IT staff professionals to maintain its systems, Mt. Juliet needed to find new software to simplify and speed up the process for new desktop deployments. Employing Symantec’s Ghost for new deployments, wasn’t meeting their needs since it required a manual and time-consuming process.

After completing an extensive evaluation process, the IT staff decided Paragon’s image-based backup software was the perfect replacement. We were happy to welcome a new customer to the Paragon family.

Deployment Manager Feature Highlights

Deployment Manager provides multicast or individual deployment and re-imaging over LAN or from bootable media. Regardless of the size of an IT department, Deployment Manager saves time and resources.

  • Automated or manual deployment of individual or hundreds of systems
  • Customizable Linux- and WinPE-based boot media
  • Cyclic multicast session; add new systems while the deployment session is running
  • Adaptive imaging tools; deploy one image to dissimilar systems
  • Scripting engine for added flexibility and automation

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