Case Study Spotlight — Non-Profit HCJB Global Selects Paragon Disaster Recovery Software: Drive Backup Server and Virtual Editions

“We evaluated similar software solutions to cost-effectively backup our systems, but nothing came close to Paragon’s backup and recovery software.”

— Ron With, Network Administrator

HCJB Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing health services to disadvantaged people and promoting Christianity through its various media outlets. Like most non-profits, however, they have limited finances. When they needed to invest in disaster recovery software, they consulted with their information technology reseller; however they could offer nothing within their price range that could fulfill their needs. When HCJB Global conducted a search of its own for affordable backup and restore software, they came across Paragon Software Group’s Drive Backup Server and Virtual Editions.

Paragon Drive Backup is feature-rich, image-based backup and backup and  recovery software that protects data, minimizes downtime, and lowers data storage and management costs while ensuring business continuity through instant system recovery. Live server migration technology (P2V, V2P, V2V and P2P) makes conversions easy and allows you to leverage virtual environments for powerful and flexible disaster recovery strategies.

“When we compared Paragon’s Drive Backup software to the other solutions recommended by our consultant, nothing came close for the price — it offered an intuitive interface, auto-scheduler, and ultimately peace of mind,” stated Ron With, network administrator for HCJB Global. Drive Backup provided cost-effective backup and restore software features for HCJB, including virtual backup and restore, automated scheduling, and an intuitive interface.  To read the case study in its entirety, visit Non-Profit HCJB Global Selects Paragon Software’s Drive Backup Server and Virtual Editions to Ensure Business Continuity.


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