Paragon Software Welcomes Acer

Earlier this week, we announced that Acer selected Paragon’s Universal File System Driver (UFSD)  technology to embed into their new Android™ Honeycomb-based ICONIA TAB A500 and ICONIA TAB A501 tablets. We are honored to count Acer among the company’s we serve. NTFS enables people to easily transfer music, video, and other data file types between a Windows-formatted storage device and their tablets.

Because of Paragon’s UFSD technology, the USB port on the Acer ICONIA TAB A500-series tablets can be used to attach a hard drive formatted for Windows. People can then download and stream multimedia content to their USB drive, and later move just what they want to take with them onto their tablet and go.

The UFSD technology allows systems and devices to have full access to file systems which otherwise are not supported. Acer is licensing Paragon’s UFSD-based NTFS for Android driver to enhance the capability of their tablets, since most hard drives are formatted for NTFS.  Tablets without the Paragon driver require users to first reformat their hard drive to the older FAT file system before they can be used.

Paragon Software NTFS, USFD Technology

Another key advantage of Paragon’s NTFS for Android driver is that it provides the highest read/write performance possible, which not only minimizes file transfer times between the tablet and the USB drive, but it is also mandatory for providing flawless playback of high definition, Blu-ray quality movies and multimedia content.

To read the entire announcement, go to Paragon Software’s NTFS for Android Driver Embedded into Acer ICONIA TAB A500 and ICONIA TAB A501 Tablets. For more about Paragon’s Universal File System Driver technology, view NTFS Slide Show Presentation.







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