Portable, Reliable Backup & Restore by Idealstor and Paragon Software

Idealstor and Paragon Software Group announced on Tuesday that Idealstor is embedding Paragon’s Drive Backup software as an integrated component of all of their backup systems.  The new product provides an unparalleled level of protection and backup portability for Windows servers, virtual machines, databases and desktops.

Idealstor manufactures removable disk backup systems that are designed to replace or augment tape backup by using SATA disks as portable backup media.  Systems range in capacity from 1 removable drive bay up to 8 with the ability to use up to a 4TB disk per bay (max system capacity currently 32TB).  Unlike most disk to disk backup systems on the market today that are simply designed for storing data like NAS, SAN or RAID, Idealstor uses a combination of hardware and software making the disks ejectable so they can be sent offsite for storage and disaster recovery.

With the addition of Drive Backup Server from Paragon Software Group, Idealstor is now able to offer a revolutionary hardware solution that lets you fully recover your servers or virtual machines anytime, anywhere.  Drive Backup Server from Paragon Software utilizes sector-based backups, giving server administrators the ability to image an entire server including files, data and applications. When the backup is complete, Paragon lets you dial in the level of recovery you need including file-based recovery, bare metal system restore and even individual email recovery for Microsoft Exchange.

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