Paragon Alignment Tool Extends Life of Hard Disks; Beneficial During Time of HDD Shortage and High Price Point

Paragon Alignment Tool Extends Life of Older HardwareIn the recently issued IHS iSuppli report Hard Disk Drive Pricing: Will it Reach Pre-Flood Level in the Near Future?”, prices for hard disk drives are expected to remain above pre-flood levels through 2014. Paragon Software’s partition alignment tool is perfect for extending the life of hardware that is still operating on older OS; it also boosts server performance for little investment in time or dollars.

Partition Alignment Tool ESX Benefits

  • Measurably increase I/O performance of virtual machines by a factor of 2X to 3X
  • Control, manage, and align centrally and remotely dozens of virtual drives belonging to  different virtual machines (no need to manually install software on every virtual machine)
  • Reduces complexity and hardware requirements of alignment projects (no need for extra storage, because PAT performs in-place alignment – no migration required) 

“As the use of virtual machines continues to expand, partition alignment is becoming more and more relevant to the IT departments that manage servers and workstations utilizing older versions of Microsoft operating systems,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “Paragon’s line of partition alignment software is specifically designed with a powerful feature set and easy-to-use interface to ensure maximum performance from older operating systems running on new, advanced format drives (AFDs).”


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