Paragon Migrate OS to SSD now packaged with Centon Electronics’ SSD Notebook kits

Transfer OS to SSD - system migration to solid state drivesBeating out the competition, Paragon Migrate OS to SSD software was selected by Centon Electronics Inc. for inclusion in its SSD Notebook kits, packaged with their solid state drives (SSDs). Paragon Migrate OS to SSD provides easy migration of system data including the operating system, data files and applications to Centon’s SSDs.

Established in 1978 by Gene Miscione, Centon Electronics, Inc. is a privately-owned corporation based in Aliso Viejo, California. Centon offers a full line of DRAM, flash memory, USB drives, and SSD Drives for consumers’ digital needs.

“After testing another party’s software with our SSDs, we decided to look for a more intuitive software solution,” said Aaron Campbell, product marketing manager for Centon Electronics. “I had worked with Paragon in the past, asked for a copy to test, and it worked perfectly. It was simple, quick and accurate. Exactly the solution we were searching for.”

The task of migrating the operating system, applications and files from one storage drive to another can be a slow and tedious process. Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0 simplifies the migration process by providing an intuitive wizard-driven interface. Paragon Migrate OS to SSD automatically downsizes the source system volume, if needed; auto-aligns the copied system partition; and provides intelligent selection of specific files and folders for migration — all without rebooting the system.

“Paragon was very responsive and more than willing to work with us even though we were not a large corporation,” continued Campbell. “The customer and technical support was excellent and made us feel we were just as important as an International firm.”

“When we work with our customers, our goal is to keep them as a Paragon customer for life,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “We are happy to see that as product marketing professionals, IT managers, software engineers, and other highly skilled individuals move from one company to another, that they return to Paragon for our superior software and service. We are happy to count Centon as one of our partners and look forward to a long business relationship.”

Key features and benefits of Paragon Migrate OS to SSD include the following:

  • Upgraded file exclusion technology increases migration speed
  • Simple and convenient wizard-driven graphical interface
  • Automatic partition resize capability (prevents common issues when migrating system data from an HDD to a smaller SSD)
  • Automatic partition alignment awareness (to prevent redundant read/write operations)
  • Microsoft Reserved Partition awareness
  • File exclusion/selection capability
  • Hot copy, without system restart
  • Smooth migration process regardless of the operating system

For more information on Paragon Migrate OS to SSD, visit


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