Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ Drivers Embedded into NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS Storage Products

Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ drivers are now embedded into NETGEAR’s latest ReadyNAS® storage product line. Paragon’s cross-platform driver technology makes NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS products compatible with all devices and PCs, regardless of their operating system.

NETGEAR’s new portfolio of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products running on NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS® OS 6, is designed as “storage made easy” for both the home and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ drivers make it transparent to the user to store, access and share files via NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS regardless of each connecting device’s operating system. The technology makes it easy for everyone to share movies, music and data across the network to multiple connected devices including PCs and Macs, Android Smartphones & Tablets, as well as Apple iPhones and iPads.

“Paragon’s driver technology clearly delivered the performance we demand for our ReadyNAS products,” said Matt Pahnke, senior product marketing manager for NETGEAR Storage.  “We give our customers productivity-enhancing and innovative technology to do more with their NAS device than they ever thought possible.”

The demand for cross-platform communication among multimedia and mobile devices is continuing to accelerate. Paragon has the technology today that ensures OEM digital devices can easily and seamlessly share data and connect with each other regardless of platform or operating system.

Paragon’s  cross-platform technology enables storage devices, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, multimedia players, routers, NAS and other hardware to communicate irrespective of the chip set platform or operating system, be it Android, Windows, Mac, iOS or Linux based.


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