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Backup & Disaster Recovery Checklist Webinar

Thursday | November 1st | 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET

Join Paragon Software Group in this webcast to discuss the 5 essential considerations when implementing or upgrading a Disaster Recovery Strategy and be eligible to win a Kindle Fire HD.
In this webinar we will discuss:
•   Latest technologies/industry trends

•   Virtualization changes the game
•   Objectives: RTO vs RPO

•   Leveraging existing IT infrastructure to optimize ROI

•   Planning and testing for high confidence levels
We’ll have a live demo of our Drive Backup Server solution and extensive Q & A with one of our engineers.

Paragon Drive Backup bundles available for SMBs

We are happy to announce the availability of two new product bundles for the small-to-medium business (SMB) market. Available through Paragon’s partners, the new products allow customers with limited budgets to take advantage of the cutting-edge, image-based backup and disaster recovery technology, which was previously reserved for larger companies.

Paragon Drive Backup offers backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments, protecting data, minimizing downtime, and lowering data storage and management costs, while ensuring business continuity through instant system recovery. Live server migration technology (P2V, V2P, V2V and P2P) makes conversions easy, and leverages virtual environments for powerful and flexible disaster recovery strategies.

The Drive Backup 11 Server SMB 5-Pack includes five server licenses, a 1-year subscription for Hard Disk Manager Standard Technician License (for imaging of up to 10 servers and 100 workstations), and one year of upgrades and technical support for only $1,995 MSRP. A 10-Pack bundle is also available.

The Drive Backup Small Business Server Premium license bundles one Drive Backup Small Business Server, one Drive Backup ServerParagon Exchange Granular Recovery, and one year of upgrades and technical support for $799 MSRP.

“Paragon Drive Backup is a great alternative to Symantec Backup Exec/System Recovery or Acronis True Image,” explains Daniel Eickhoff, director of channel sales at Paragon. “In fact, 75 percent or our new customers are switching to Paragon from Symantec or Acronis backup solutions. Customers choose Paragon because of our innovative technology, cost-effective licensing and outstanding US-based technical support.”

To find a Paragon reseller in your area, please use our reseller locator or call Paragon customer service at (888) 347-5462.

For more information on becoming a Paragon Software reseller visit or call Paragon customer service at (888) 347-5462.

Paragon Drive Backup 11 Now Available

Paragon Software Drive Backup DB 11We recently announced the availability of the newest version of our popular software, Drive Backup (DB). DB 11 is reliable, high-performance, imaging software designed for data protection and business continuity for workstations and servers.

With the new upgrade, Paragon enhanced the Drive Backup product family, which now includes the ability to exclude database applications on servers, thereby avoiding potential data inconsistencies when multiple backup procedures and products are implemented within the operating environment.

Additionally, Paragon DB 11 now supports the creation of incremental images, in addition to the traditional full-system images, of hard drives and partitions. Incremental images save IT administrative time and space on backup storage.

“For well over a decade now IT administrators have incorporated Paragon’s Drive Backup software into their disaster recovery and business continuity plans,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group.  “With this new version of Drive Backup, Paragon jumps to the head of the class in providing small- to mid-enterprise businesses a complete solution at a very competitive price point.”

Drive Backup 11 key features include the following:

  • Application-level exclude for servers
  • Incremental imaging
  • Updated P2V copy and P2V restore
  • Adaptive Restore 3.0
  • Oracle Virtual Box 4 support
  • Connect VD with non-destructive and snapshot mode
  • 2.2+ TB hard-disk drive support
  • USB 3.0 support
  • Encrypted backup
  • Paragon WinPE Boot Media Builder wizard
  • Latest Linux boot medium based on Suse 11.4 support
  • Asynchronous writing functionality for increased backup speed
  • Backup- status email notification
  • File-level exclude for data migration to smaller disk space

For virtual environments, Paragon’s exclusive technology, ConnectVD, directly connects to offline ESX-based virtual hard disks and performs all major backup-and-restore operations on the virtual storage platform. Since more than one virtual hard drive can be connected simultaneously to Paragon Drive Backup 11 Server, backups of multiple volumes can be accomplished as easily as backups of physical devices.

Available editions of Paragon Drive Backup 11 include DB 11 Workstation, DB 11 Server, and DB 11 Small Business Server.

Life Insurance Company Protects Data with Paragon Drive Backup Server

Paragon Drive Backup beats out SymantecWith $600 million dollars of insurance policies in force, North Coast Life needed to ensure their data was well protected in case of hardware failure or a disaster. Their backup software was coming up for renewal; not entirely happy with the service or the cost, the information systems director, Jeff Shaver, decided to conduct research on alternative software solution available on the market.

After evaluating three competing products, Shaver decided on Paragon’s Drive Backup Server software. Paragon was selected for its ease-of-use, reliability, dependability, customer service and price point. One month of the purchase and implementation, North Coast experienced the loss of one of its main web servers running RAID 5, which lost a drive and refused to allow a new drive to be introduced into the RAID. Within 25 minutes the web server running Windows 2003 Server was back up and running.

According to Shaver, “Now I can sleep at night since I have already used Drive Backup under the worst possible scenario, and Paragon came through with flying colors.”

To read the details, please read the entire case study, “North Coast Life Protects Insurance Data with Paragon Drive Backup.”

Paragon’s Daniel Eickhoff Recognized as 2012 Channel Chief by CRN

Daniel Eickhoff: Director of Channel Sales for Paragon Software, CRN Channel ChiefUBM Channel’s CRN named Daniel Eickhoff, director of channel sales at Paragon, as a 2012 Channel Chief. CRN’s list of the most influential and powerful leaders in the IT channel recognizes those executives directly responsible for driving channel sales and growth within their organization, while promoting and defending the importance of the channel throughout the entire technology industry.

Channel Chiefs were chosen by UBM Channel editorial staff on criteria including policy and program innovations made during the past year, the amount of revenue their company generates through partners, their willingness to speak out publicly on behalf of the channel, and the number of years they have dedicated to channel activities.

Daniel Eickhoff, CRN Channel Chief for 2012, director of channel sales at Paragon“The 2012 Channel Chiefs list recognizes vendor executives dedicated to driving channel programs in the IT marketplace,” said Kelley Damore, VP, Editorial Director, UBM Channel.  “Being named a Channel Chief is one of the most prestigious honors in the technology industry. This year’s Channel Chiefs list offers tremendous insight into the who’s who of the channel. Top channel executives consistently ensure that the channel’s voice is heard when strategic decisions are being made and continually nurture mutually profitable relationships. We applaud the 2012 Channel Chiefs for their successful partner programs and strategies.”

Eickhoff focuses on evangelizing the company’s products by recruiting and training VAR partners, implementing best practices for channel success, and enabling partners to be successful with Paragon to grow their business. With over 10 years of channel experience and the ability to translate his partners’ needs and the customers’ requirements into a successful channel program, Eickhoff continues to build a strong reseller community.

“Receiving this award is a great honor, but much of the credit goes to everyone here at Paragon Software as well as our outstanding partners,” said Eickhoff. “Paragon has always embraced the indirect sales model, and over the past three years we restructured our sales, marketing and support organizations entirely around the channel. By the end of last year, we achieved our goal of over 95 percent of our business going through the channel.”

Paragon had another record year in 2011 thanks to signing 104 new VARs, the introduction of many new products, significant investments in strategic demand and lead generation to fuel the channel, and hiring several first-class channel managers to service our growing partner-base. “As a result, our existing partners were able to increase their Paragon revenue by an average of 25 percent, with many of our top partners growing by more than 50 percent,” said Eickhoff.

Selected by CRN’s editorial staff, the 2012 Channel Chiefs list is featured in the February issue of CRN Magazine and will be featured online at

In 2011, Paragon Software Hard Disc Manager Suite earned PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for the second year in a row, beating out both Symantec and Acronis.

Simplify Deployments without Taxing Resources with Image-based “Set It and Forget It” Backup Software

Offering low tax rates and readily accessible air transportation, universities, shopping and entertainment the City of Mt. Juliet, TN, boasts a business- and family-friendly environment. However, when it comes time to refresh employees systems every four years, the task of uploading the operating system and applications for each machine can become daunting. With only two IT staff professionals to maintain its systems, Mt. Juliet needed to find new software to simplify and speed up the process for new desktop deployments. Employing Symantec’s Ghost for new deployments, wasn’t meeting their needs since it required a manual and time-consuming process.

After completing an extensive evaluation process, the IT staff decided Paragon’s image-based backup software was the perfect replacement. We were happy to welcome a new customer to the Paragon family.

Deployment Manager Feature Highlights

Deployment Manager provides multicast or individual deployment and re-imaging over LAN or from bootable media. Regardless of the size of an IT department, Deployment Manager saves time and resources.

  • Automated or manual deployment of individual or hundreds of systems
  • Customizable Linux- and WinPE-based boot media
  • Cyclic multicast session; add new systems while the deployment session is running
  • Adaptive imaging tools; deploy one image to dissimilar systems
  • Scripting engine for added flexibility and automation

Ensuring Value Is Promoted by VARs during the Sales Cycle

Unfortunately, when you put your product in the hands of a reseller, you pretty much lose all of your control over the sales cycle. Do your VARs know what the “V” represents in “Value Added Reseller”?   Too often, value added resellers have the technological expertise but lack the business knowledge necessary to close a sale or shorten the sales cycle.  Often overlooked is the importance in ensuring that they stress the value of your technology solution.

The Value of Your Technology Solution’s Product

I mean “product” here as in “result.”  What does your technology produce, and why is it valuable to the end-user.  If your product is data backup and restoration, what differentiates your product?  Your resellers should learn more than the technical aspects of data protection and recovery.  Make sure they understand the costs of data loss.

The value to the end-user is not data protection.  The value is the security of relationships with customers, operational stability, prevention of fraud, and a host of other benefits.  We should not sell recovery points and recovery times without translating those into operational benefits.

Salespeople have understood this for years.  Products are sold by convincing customers to buy, but consider what customers are actually buying.  Consumers tend to buy what they believe a product will make them feel.  It is not the soda; it’s the happy refreshing smile.  It’s not the car; it’s the freedom of the open road.  Your product’s features are not what your buyers want.  They want the value represented by your product, and in this case, the value is operational in nature.

The Value of Your Technology Solution’s Process

This aspect is often dismissed with complex technology.  While the “product” of your solution is what the solution produces, the “process” is how it accomplishes this.  There is value to be sold in effective processes.  For example:

Does your product have an implementation ease that will allow fewer resources to be expended with its use?

Does your process require less training than your competition? (Less training means more money.)

Returning to the data protection product, let’s assume two products both protect and restore data effectively.  How does a customer choose one over the other?  The “product” value is the same.  Your channel needs to learn to push the process value.  They need to understand how to point out the efficiencies of use in your product and how those efficiencies translate into savings of IT time and resources.  When products are designed for low-tech end-users, this is a regular theme in sales.  Somehow, when the products are sold to technology departments, we tend to overlook the issue altogether.

Make sure your channel is working at its best for you.  Focus them on the value of your solution rather than the features.  Sell based on the operational impact on the companies who use your solutions and your sales are sure to stick.