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Paragon Celebrates 15 Years of Flexible Licensing for Field Techs

“I searched for nine months for software that enabled me to migrate my customers’ servers to new drives or all new hardware without hassle and without any risk of data loss. I narrowed it down to two products: one, at nearly $1,000 per server, was pretty much cost-prohibitive; the second, Paragon Hard Disk Manager fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it offer twice the features at half the cost as the other option, but it also comes as a Technician License, which brings the per-server cost down even more. On a server restore or migration, no other software comes close in restore time, reliability and ease-of-use. I recommend HDM TL for any company with field technical support.”

David Ward, president of Guardian I.T. Services, is one of many VARs and company-wide field technicians who have benefited for the last 15 years from Paragon’s feature-rich backup and disk management software, personal technical service, and highly-competitive licensing options.

Disk maintenance field tech licenseHard Disk Manager Technician License (TL) is the perfect software for companies with support teams that are maintaining a large number of systems in the field, such as medical or other high-tech equipment manufacturers, or large organizations with a highly distributed environment, e.g. financial institutions or large restaurant chains. Many customers combine Tech Licenses with per-seat and volume licenses for maximum license coverage and flexibility.

For IT organizations and help desk operations, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the “must have” solution for servers and workstations. It is a comprehensive all-in-one disk management utility, allowing IT administrators to efficiently maintain physical and virtual Windows systems throughout their life cycle with minimal effort. The software package includes: Backup & Disaster Recovery, Imaging, Migration, Virtualization, Partitioning, and Disk Wiping, as well as a variety of other useful system utilities.

Other Customer Testimonials:

“Paragon was the only backup and disaster recovery software vendor offering the most comprehensive software solution and knowledgeable staff. Hard Disk Manager did everything I needed it to do, providing the best value,” said Ben Spain, IT manager for Industrial Molds.

“We needed to decrease the amount of time we were spending on reimaging machines. One of the features I looked for in a solution was the ability to process multiple restores on the network — Paragon was the only vendor offering the features I needed as well as disk partition and other disk management tools. HDM is a time saver that comes with useful tools for added flexibility. It also gives me the ability to back up a hard drive before reimaging, providing peace of mind that if it fails I can restore the drive to its original state,” Corey Simpson, IT coordinator for Boise State University.

Hard Disk Manager Top Five Features

  1. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Incremental and differential backups; seamless restore to dissimilar hardware (HIR); customizable recovery media
  2. Migration: Migrate systems to SSDs and AFDs
  3. Virtualization: Instant disaster recovery through virtualization; Connect to virtual disks as if they were physical; Convert P2V or V2V between different hypervisors
  4. Partitioning: Advanced disk partitioning and partition alignment
  5. Disk Wiping: US DoD-level wipe algorithm plus nine others, along with options to create custom wipe algorithms

Nasdaq Trading Down to Failed Processor??

CNBC Reports Nasdaq Halts Trading Due to Processor Failure

CNBC Reports Nasdaq Halts Trading Due to Processor Failure

A recent story by CNBC informed readers that the trading exchange, Nasdaq, went down for a couple of hours: “All Nasdaq markets halting trading due to processor issue“. What if your business systems failed? How fast could you be back online?

According to the Small Business Administration, 1 out of every 5 businesses never recover from a disaster. Whether you are the IT engineer for a non-profit or a for-profit, there is a solution out there for every budget. To help sell backup and recovery to business executives, gathering statistics will help when presenting the argument for a backup solution.

For example, Paragon partnered with StarWind to sell high-availability backup and restore at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. Through a software-defined storage (SDS) environment based on off-the-shelf hardware, an IT shop can quickly recover from any system failure.

Paragon is constantly holding free demos on a variety of cost-effective backup and disaster recovery software solutions, no matter the size of the organization. And, the plus with working with Paragon? Class A customer service.

To sign up for a Webinar/demo, visit:

Paragon Kicks Off Disaster Recovery Awareness Month

In an effort to help bring awareness of the importance of backing up business data in the event of a disaster, Paragon is offering free disaster recovery assessments, and guides for proactive planning during the month of July.

With the 2013 hurricane season expecting to be very active, it is important to help bring awareness around the fact that so many businesses are not prepared. June 1st marked the first day of hurricane season; Tropical Storm Andrea, the first storm of the season, developed four days after the official launch of the season.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects a very active hurricane season for 2013. Throughout the month of July, businesses can sign up for a one-hour disaster recovery assessment and download free disaster recovery planning guides and samples.

According to the Small Business Administration, a quarter of businesses never reopen after a disaster.

Paragon’s free disaster recovery planning materials include

  • One-hour Disaster Recovery Assessment Call
  • The Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Guide
  • Sample Disaster Recovery Plan

“Paragon is in the information management business and delivering key data backup and recovery technologies has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “We are partnering with the Business Recovery Group Consulting team to move beyond just the technologies involved in a successful business continuity program by promoting free guides, sample plans and a one-hour assessment to help companies be proactive in preparing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan before a disaster strikes.”

During the year, any number of natural occurrences can have an effect on a business: hurricanes, massive thunderstorms, fires, tornados, heat waves, earthquakes, blizzards, ice storms, and floods. “Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that even after a perceived danger timeframe has passed, a late-season storm can hit,” warns Paragon DR planning consultant Collier Johnson. “In addition, a disaster recovery plan is also needed to recover quickly from site outages, where your office building is not accessible for your employees due to a local disaster, or an isolated incident, for example water damage, structural issues with the building, local power outage, or a local fire.”

To download the free disaster recovery planning materials and/or register for a free one-hour disaster recovery and business continuity assessment visit on Paragon Software Group’s Free Product Trial Downloads Web site.

Paragon offers a suite of backup and disaster recovery products for businesses of all sizes. Visit for free trial downloads of Paragon’s software solutions.

McCarty-Hull Depends upon Hard Disk Manager for Reliable, Affordable Imaging and DR

McCarty-Hull FacilityFood and beverages distributor, McCarty-Hull chose Hard Disk Manager (HDM) Premium over other competitive products in the market place for the software’s ease of remote system deployment, dependable backup and recovery, job-scheduling features and cost effectiveness.

Located in Amarillo, TX, part of Tornado Alley, their facility covers over 400,000 square feet including 250,000 cubic feet of frozen and refrigerated storage.  McCarty-Hull’s sophisticated order processing and picking systems gives them the capacity to pick and load up to 600 orders per day with well over 99% accuracy. Over 90% of the orders are delivered by their own trucks within 24 hours and the rest within 48 hours.  We have the capacity to supply any product or supply item you need, when you need it. With this superior guarantee to its customers, McCarty-Hull cannot afford to have any downtime due to crashed servers or other systems.

“When we originally purchased Paragon’s software, we needed connectivity to our remote users’ machines for easy maintenance,” said Dale Titus, network administrator at McCarty-Hull. “A colleague recommended that I look into Paragon Software. Paragon’s product supports all of the operating system versions required and includes not only backup scheduling, but also supports unattended, scheduled operations of system maintenance tasks without me having to log into every PC. It was a huge timesaver for us.”

“We’re happy to have McCarty-Hull as a long-time customer; this is their third year of renewing,” said Daniel Eickhoff, director of channel sales. “We develop our products with the user and their day-to-day challenges in mind, and we continue to improve the software as technology changes, to make sure our customers can get the job done fast and reliably.”

HDM is powerful image-based backup and disaster recovery software that protects data, minimizes downtime, and lowers data storage and management costs while ensuring business continuity through instant system recovery. Live server migration technology (P2V, V2P, V2V, and P2P) makes conversions easy and enables IT managers to make use of virtual environments for flexible disaster recovery strategies.

Features include

  • Incremental and differential backups
  • Fast backup and restore speeds
  • Seamless bare-metal restore and hardware-independent restore (HIR)
  • Instant system recovery to a virtual machine (VM)
  • Scheduling wizard for set-and-forget operation
  • Scripting to facilitate unique backup scenarios
  • Connect VD to access offline virtual disks
  • 2.2TB+ drive support, Windows® 8 and Windows® Server 2012 support

Engineering Firm Selects Hard Disk Manager Premium over Symantec, Dell and Acronis for Comprehensive Features, Superior Technical Support and Highest Value

industrial-molds-logoEngineering firm Industrial Molds selected Paragon Software Group’s Hard Disk Manager (HDM) Premium over the products of its competitors Symantec, Dell and Acronis for its comprehensive feature set and superior technical support, resulting in the best value in the marketplace. HDM provides fast, easy image-based “Backup and Restore” functionality incorporated with live server snapshots and seamless P2V migration technology.

“For three years I worked on securing the budget for a backup strategy,” explains Ben Spain, IT manager for Industrial Molds. “It took almost losing a server with critical CAD data to facilitate approval.” After three years of thoroughly researching competitive backup products, the decision to go with Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager came quickly.  Spain’s deciding factors included cost, features, and quality of technical support. “Paragon was the only backup and disaster recovery software vendor offering the most comprehensive software solution and knowledgeable staff. Hard Disk Manager did everything I needed it to do, providing the best value.”

HDM is powerful image-based backup and disaster recovery software that protects data, minimizes downtime, and lowers data storage and management costs while ensuring business continuity through instant system recovery. Live server migration technology (P2V, V2P, V2V, and P2P) makes conversions easy and enables IT managers to make use of virtual environments for flexible disaster recovery strategies.

Features include

  • Incremental and differential backups
  • Fast backup and restore speeds
  • Seamless bare-metal restore and instant recovery of virtual machines
  • Scheduling wizard for set-and-forget operation
  • Scripting to facilitate unique backup scenarios
  • ConnectVD accesses offline virtual disks
  • 2.2TB+ drive support

“Although we have had no emergency yet, we have tested restores to a virtual machine (VM),” Ben adds. “It was easy, fast and very straightforward.”

Now Available: High Availability Storage with Instantaneous Failover and Recovery via iSCSI SAN & NAS

The Paragon StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS is a storage hypervisor that turns any industry-standard Windows server into a reliable, fault-tolerant, and unified SAN and NAS, while utilizing off-the-shelf hardware or existing storage devices and network infrastructure.

Offering savings of up to 90 percent, iSCSI SAN & NAS is a powerful alternative to traditional High Availability (HA) products that rely on costly, proprietary, hardware-based HA architectures.

The product offers several deployment options including a three-node HA structure designed to eliminate a single point of failure. The product’s configurations are double fault tolerant (failure of 2 out of 3 storage nodes) resulting in 99.999% uptime. As a flexible and easy-to-manage solution, any IT administrator familiar with Windows servers can configure and deploy the Paragon StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS solution in a matter of minutes.

The software provides a measurable five “9’s” in up-time performance while eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary hardware, empowering new market segments to embrace the high availability model.

Key features include:

  • Install the solution and configure a new SAN in minutes
  • Centralize site-wide iSCSI storage provisioning via the Paragon Management Console
  • Achieve cost-effective HA processing with instantaneous failover and recovery
  • Protect data using HA, RAID-1 mirroring, automated snapshots, and replication
  • Consolidate file and block level data, unifying SAN and NAS storage to simplify configuration, management, and maintenance
  • Use NAS to create iSCSI targets and avoid the purchase of new hard drives for storage

Paragon StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS enables an N+1 configuration that allows for building an on-site two or three-node HA cluster with off-site replication. The built-in WAN replication feature assists in the creation of a disaster recovery site that can be located miles away from the main datacenter. The WAN acceleration technology is based on deduplication, snapshots, and compression, in which their combined power ensures 50x-100x reduction of transmitted data and allows for the use of slower WAN connections.

Paragon Discusses Disaster Recovery Preparation on This Week in Enterprise Tech TWIT.TV

Paragon backup and recovery solutionsEarlier this month, Paragon was invited to join in a discussion about proactive disaster recovery preparation in light of Hurricane Sandy, on This Week in Enterprise Tech, archived as Episode 21, “The Shocking Truth About DC.” Paragon’s own Francisco Gillett participated during a live feed on netcast, along with the hosts, Fr. Robert Ballecer a.k.a., Father Tech (yes, he really is a Jesuit priest), Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin.

Brian Chee, senior contributing editor to the InfoWorld Test Center and the founder and manager of the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory at the University of Hawai’i School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, an avid user of Paragon’s backup and recovery software introduced the segment by mentioning the fact that he was up all the previous night working on a failed server and how he planned to “…to use Paragon Software to do a restore after we get off the air.” (Quick note, in Hawaii, he prefers optical backup to tape because of the humidity.)

After a bit of a discussion about using DC power in the data center, they jumped into personal favorite topic, disaster recovery preparation and best practices, focusing on Verizon’s flooded data center as case-study material.

When Fr. Ballecer asked Paragon’s Gillett for his recommendation on Best Practices before disaster strikes, Gillett shared the following:

  1. Have a disaster recovery backup process in place; a solid backup allows you to get your system up and running reliably
  2. Secure a secondary location to store the archive

Your ability to get back online is based upon how good your backup strategy is, advised Gillette. He went on to say that while a backup of a database is good, businesses in the banking or ecommerce industries should have a duplicate system offsite so they can get up and running quickly and not lose any business. Another important tip recommended by the panel included practicing restores.

During the discussion, one of the chat room participants stated that his boss didn’t authorize him to replace a $12 part on a generator and as a result, it cost the company $12,000 when Sandy hit (48 mins).

In decided how much to spend in a backup and recovery solutions, Gillette suggested that technicians determine first how much you can afford to lose. Evaluate the recovery time and recovery point objectives,”How old of a backup can your system go back to and still function? If it affect money coming in then you definitely need to spend on that infrastructure so you can keep the profits coming in.”

The panel also dove into the differences among hot, warm, and cold IT sites for disaster preparedness as well as the high failure rate of tape backup (50%). Curtis Franklin, senior contributing editor to the InfoWorld Test Center, said, “A greater number [of tech engineers] don’t want to admit they are vulnerable. If you really practice business recovery, on some levels you are admitting that a disaster can occur. When a disaster does occur, you’ll find how cheap backup can really be. Considering the possibility of a disaster, ensuring your backup will actually work is a lower cost than going through the disaster and it doesn’t work.”

Three Levels of Preparedness:

Curtis: The bare minimum is standard tape backup with three levels of tape, rotating ABC. Level two is a warm backup site. And, Level three is a hot, fully redundant backup site.

Cisco: “Best practices for each level: first step, local backup; Secondary, offsite, where it is cloud-base or a secondary location…; third level hot location, running in the cloud.”

Chee: In an academic environment, “My three layers are not that different from the others. It’s data regardless of whether it’s coming from the ocean floor or the bank machine. Have a server that plays like a NAS, flag folders after time, take it from online storage to nearline storage. And have the ability to eventually take it offline. ”

In reference to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the infrastructure of the Verizon’s Broad Street vault, Franklin’s words of wisdom are well-heeded: “The ‘good enough’ is the enemy of ‘the best’,” and went on to say, “This [Hurricane Sandy’s impact on Verizon] serves as a wake-up call to every telecom that has a presence in low-lying coastal community, and that, frankly, is most of the majors…move to fiber…and that way you keep things on and you look like heros when disaster strikes.”

Get prepared before you’re hit by a disaster. Through the end of December, Paragon’s is offering a free one-hour phone consultation and self-assessment BC/DR checklist.

Watch the program in its entirety: