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Paragon Software Blog Gets a New Home

The Paragon Software blog was started to have a platform to spread news to customers and IT leaders. When we began the blog we didn’t know that the response would be as great as it has been. In order to bring the blog to a new level and communicate more effectively with our readers, the decision was made to host it ourselves. This will let us add new ways of interacting with people online.

Paragon’s New Blog

All of the current posts and comments have been migrated over. In celebration of the new blog, we are going to run a special contest this weekend for our readers. The contest will be posted on the new site Friday and run through Sunday. There is going to be a lot of ways to win the prizes so everyone has a chance.

Enter early: If you don’t want to miss out on the contest, you can enter early by Subscribing to Paragon’s Blog by Email.

Subscribers will be automatically added to the list of contestants.

The blog will remain a place for Paragon Software news, promotions and information about how to manage your data in better more efficient ways.

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Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X

The only snapshot based backup solution for comprehensive protection of both data & systems!

Easily create an exact point-in-time copy of your data & system, and when a disaster strikes – get everything back in minutes. Unlike Time Machine and other file-level backup utilities, our solution has very fast backup and restore capabilities. Now you can backup running applications and locked system files, and if your system fails – there is no need re-install, just boot from the Mac® OS X Install DVD and launch the restore operation. This is a huge time saver compared to other methods.

True live protection

Traditional backups involving file archiving has a number of drawbacks, like:

  • Running applications usually require exclusive rights for processed files, thus preventing a backup program from copying them.
  • During a volume backup to ensure accessibility of files and the data integrity, a program requires suspension and/or termination of all running applications. For high-capacity disk systems, this could take hours.

Snapshot-based backup easily solves these problems. It’s a common industry term denoting the ability to record the state of a storage device at any given moment (make a snapshot), and then preserve that snapshot as a guide for restoring the machine in case of emergency.

Fastest Recovery

The old way: In case of a system malfunction (it fails to boot), you should re-install the system first. To do that, you need to boot from a distributive CD and install the system (~40 minutes). After that, you need to set up Time Machine and roll back to the required state of the system. This process is time-consuming as it involves re-installation of the operating system.

The better way: With Paragon Snapshot for Mac you don’t need to re-install the system, just boot from a Mac OS X Installation DVD and restore via Disk Utility. Moreover, data retrieval from snapshot is accomplished through private interfaces, which is faster, than processing files on a file system level. Reduce the number of steps it takes to restore your system with Snapshot for Mac®.

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