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Paragon’s NTFS/HFS+ Drivers Selected by Belkin for Routers and Future Devices

Belkin is licensing Paragon’s Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology for use on the Belkin’s product lines beginning with their next generation of routers.

Commenting on the deal, Mike Chen, senior director of product management at Belkin said:

“Belkin is focused on delivering leading-edge solutions to the consumer market. Paragon UFSD technology enables OS-independence, so everyone can use Belkin networking products to store and access their data from any device, be it an Android smartphone, Windows PC, Macbook, iPad, Linux notebook, Chromebook and more, with the very highest performance, file system integrity, and data protection. Paragon’s world class OEM software engineers and support team will continue to aid Belkin’s leading position in the consumer networking space.”

OEMs like Belkin embed our exFAT/NTFS/HFS+ driver technology into their network appliances and smart devices to ensure seamless connectivity regardless of the operating systems these devices are running.

“We are excited to partner with Belkin to enable their customers to use any of their smart devices to access their stored multimedia content connected to these next generation routers,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group. “As home and work connectivity becomes more and more ubiquitous, user expectations for seamless access to their data anytime anywhere grows as well — which is why this partnership and Paragon’s commitment to data accessibility, regardless of platform, is so important.”

Paragon’s cross-platform file access technology enables smart TVs and monitors, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, multimedia players, routers, NAS and other hardware to communicate with storage media formatted to any file system regardless of their processor or OS. As a result, consumers can stream multimedia content to network and entertainment devices or external storage for later playback on any of their devices.


D-Link Embeds exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ Driver Technology into Upcoming Products

exFAT, HFS+, NTFS drivers for OEMsParagon Software Group recently inked a deal with D-Link to license Paragon’s Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology on select products. Bringing D-Link into the Paragon Software family fold is exciting to say the least as we are adding to our growing list of networking and mobility clients.

OEMs embed Paragon Software’s exFAT/NTFS/HFS+ driver technology into their network appliances and smart devices to ensure seamless connectivity regardless of the operating systems involved. Paragon’s cross-platform file access technology enables storage devices, network appliances, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, multimedia players, routers, NAS and other hardware to communicate with storage media regardless of the chip set platform or operating system. As a result, consumers can stream multimedia content to network and entertainment devices or external storage for later playback on a device of their choosing.

As one of the pioneers in the embedded Linux and Android space, Paragon has been at the forefront of innovation for platform independence and file access drivers. Working closely with D-Link product management, we are delivering the next generation of products that will set the bar for performance, reliability, and device interoperability.

“Paragon’s Universal File System Driver software is the market leader in interoperability, with compelling performance and unique data protection that will deliver increased performance to our customers,” said Bradley Joe, vice president business operations and alliances, D-Link Systems, Inc.

Furthermore, Paragon’s drivers support the latest SDXC cards, which are used for expanding storage on a variety of devices in the marketplace including cameras, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and routers.

Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ Drivers Embedded into NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS Storage Products

Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ drivers are now embedded into NETGEAR’s latest ReadyNAS® storage product line. Paragon’s cross-platform driver technology makes NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS products compatible with all devices and PCs, regardless of their operating system.

NETGEAR’s new portfolio of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products running on NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS® OS 6, is designed as “storage made easy” for both the home and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ drivers make it transparent to the user to store, access and share files via NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS regardless of each connecting device’s operating system. The technology makes it easy for everyone to share movies, music and data across the network to multiple connected devices including PCs and Macs, Android Smartphones & Tablets, as well as Apple iPhones and iPads.

“Paragon’s driver technology clearly delivered the performance we demand for our ReadyNAS products,” said Matt Pahnke, senior product marketing manager for NETGEAR Storage.  “We give our customers productivity-enhancing and innovative technology to do more with their NAS device than they ever thought possible.”

The demand for cross-platform communication among multimedia and mobile devices is continuing to accelerate. Paragon has the technology today that ensures OEM digital devices can easily and seamlessly share data and connect with each other regardless of platform or operating system.

Paragon’s  cross-platform technology enables storage devices, smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, multimedia players, routers, NAS and other hardware to communicate irrespective of the chip set platform or operating system, be it Android, Windows, Mac, iOS or Linux based.

Windows XP Alive and Well as It Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

According to StatCounter, Windows XP maintains over 35 percent of the operating systems (OS) market share currently installed in the United States (over 50 percent worldwide).* MSNBC’s technology reporter, Suzanne Choney, highlighted this fact in her recent article, “Windows XP Turns 10, Still Thrives;” she surmises that XP will remain with us still for quite some time, given the economic environment — not to mention users’ high comfort level with XP, “Many who have stayed with XP just find it like a well-worn slipper, not ready to be thrown out and too comfy to give up.”

With Windows XP keeping a firm grip in the marketplace, technology designed to bridge the gap between the aging operating system and newer applications and appliances will continue to be relevant. Paragon Software offers an assortment of software tools and applications to help IT professionals keep their systems running XP in ship-shape condition while minimizing technology investment dollars.

Two of Paragon’s XP-compatibility technologies were spotlighted this week in Enterprise Storage Forum by Kenneth Corbin (author of ESF’s “Vendors to Watch” column) in “Paragon Software Targets OEMs, VARs with Niche Storage Tech”:

  • Partition alignment technology with PAT 3.0 and ESX (launched earlier this month) ensures partitions are aligned on physical and virtual machines, increasing performance and longevity
  • Universal File System Drivers, help differing platforms communicate properly

If you would like to learn more about our products and programs, please give us a call at 888-347-5462 or send us an email to

*As of October 2011 (

Paragon Software Welcomes Acer

Earlier this week, we announced that Acer selected Paragon’s Universal File System Driver (UFSD)  technology to embed into their new Android™ Honeycomb-based ICONIA TAB A500 and ICONIA TAB A501 tablets. We are honored to count Acer among the company’s we serve. NTFS enables people to easily transfer music, video, and other data file types between a Windows-formatted storage device and their tablets.

Because of Paragon’s UFSD technology, the USB port on the Acer ICONIA TAB A500-series tablets can be used to attach a hard drive formatted for Windows. People can then download and stream multimedia content to their USB drive, and later move just what they want to take with them onto their tablet and go.

The UFSD technology allows systems and devices to have full access to file systems which otherwise are not supported. Acer is licensing Paragon’s UFSD-based NTFS for Android driver to enhance the capability of their tablets, since most hard drives are formatted for NTFS.  Tablets without the Paragon driver require users to first reformat their hard drive to the older FAT file system before they can be used.

Paragon Software NTFS, USFD Technology

Another key advantage of Paragon’s NTFS for Android driver is that it provides the highest read/write performance possible, which not only minimizes file transfer times between the tablet and the USB drive, but it is also mandatory for providing flawless playback of high definition, Blu-ray quality movies and multimedia content.

To read the entire announcement, go to Paragon Software’s NTFS for Android Driver Embedded into Acer ICONIA TAB A500 and ICONIA TAB A501 Tablets. For more about Paragon’s Universal File System Driver technology, view NTFS Slide Show Presentation.






Paragon Software Blog Gets a New Home

The Paragon Software blog was started to have a platform to spread news to customers and IT leaders. When we began the blog we didn’t know that the response would be as great as it has been. In order to bring the blog to a new level and communicate more effectively with our readers, the decision was made to host it ourselves. This will let us add new ways of interacting with people online.

Paragon’s New Blog

All of the current posts and comments have been migrated over. In celebration of the new blog, we are going to run a special contest this weekend for our readers. The contest will be posted on the new site Friday and run through Sunday. There is going to be a lot of ways to win the prizes so everyone has a chance.

Enter early: If you don’t want to miss out on the contest, you can enter early by Subscribing to Paragon’s Blog by Email.

Subscribers will be automatically added to the list of contestants.

The blog will remain a place for Paragon Software news, promotions and information about how to manage your data in better more efficient ways.

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How to Search your iPod for Music and Video with Paragon HFS+ for Windows

Search your iPod for Music and Video anywhere with Paragon HFS+ for Windows Driver

If you have an iPod you may probably know that it contains all your music inside some sly hidden folders. And when you attach your iPod (excluding Touch models) to the system it can be seen as a simply Removable Flash Drive. It’s not a secret.

In case you use your iPod with iTunes under Windows, its internal volume is probably FAT32 formatted. This file system is native for any Windows OS. So you can simply check it’s contents for special folders and music and do whatever you want with them.

But things get worse if your iPod was configured and synchronized with iTunes under a Mac. In this case inside Windows you’ll see just another RAW volume, with contents you cannot access.

Paragon HFS+ for Windows driver can solve this problem. Let’s see how it can help you.

After the driver installation it will become deeply embedded to the operating system. If there were any HFS+ volumes on internal hard drives, they will become visible and accessible also. Any newly attached media with HFS+ partitions will be mounted automatically. So there are no special actions for you to take.

A Mac configured iPod contains the HFS+ volume and with the help of the newly added driver you will become able to manage all the data inside your player: music, video,  and files. As if  they were synchronized under Windows. Continue reading