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Windows XP Alive and Well as It Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

According to StatCounter, Windows XP maintains over 35 percent of the operating systems (OS) market share currently installed in the United States (over 50 percent worldwide).* MSNBC’s technology reporter, Suzanne Choney, highlighted this fact in her recent article, “Windows XP Turns 10, Still Thrives;” she surmises that XP will remain with us still for quite some time, given the economic environment — not to mention users’ high comfort level with XP, “Many who have stayed with XP just find it like a well-worn slipper, not ready to be thrown out and too comfy to give up.”

With Windows XP keeping a firm grip in the marketplace, technology designed to bridge the gap between the aging operating system and newer applications and appliances will continue to be relevant. Paragon Software offers an assortment of software tools and applications to help IT professionals keep their systems running XP in ship-shape condition while minimizing technology investment dollars.

Two of Paragon’s XP-compatibility technologies were spotlighted this week in Enterprise Storage Forum by Kenneth Corbin (author of ESF’s “Vendors to Watch” column) in “Paragon Software Targets OEMs, VARs with Niche Storage Tech”:

  • Partition alignment technology with PAT 3.0 and ESX (launched earlier this month) ensures partitions are aligned on physical and virtual machines, increasing performance and longevity
  • Universal File System Drivers, help differing platforms communicate properly

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*As of October 2011 (http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-US-monthly-200910-201110-bar).